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  1. What an awesome performance and telling of the story of the birth of Christ! Can’t wait for the production to reach a wider audience.

  2. I traveled from PA, I learned about Nativity from a post by a friend. I am so happy I went, my experience was awesome, everything was very organized, I am planing on bringing a group from my church next yr.

  3. What a GLORIOUS production! From the opening act to the closing this production was spectator. Every character, every dance, every song, every act, depicted the story of Christ Birth. The choreography was amazing in every act, the costume was vibrant, and every person gave it there all. I saw this production a few years ago and it was awesome; but this year was even better. You could tell all the prayer that went into this production for every act stir my heart closer to the King. I rejoiced along with them as souls entered the kingdom of God! Robert Evans and his team has done it again.

  4. When you couple the quality of the production with the most important message needed by all mankind, there is NO question in my mind that DMI is worth all of our support. Yet again I was blessed, ministered to and walked away with a new appreciation for Christ’s marvelous gift. As the body of Christ, we should blow DMI up to all of our friends and family. I can think of no more worthwhile way for us to spend some of our fellowship time during the Christmas season. I pray that God richly blesses Robert and Selena Evans, every member of their family, every single member of cast and crew and all that participated to the production

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