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  1. What a blessing! I attended Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening and could have attended another performance! We can’t wait for DMI to conduct a workshop for our dance ministry.

    Will the performances be the same next year? We are already planning the trip so we can bring more people to be blessed!

  2. Beautiful, excellent, brilliant, as always. I have only missed one performance in eleven years, by God’s grace, I will never miss a performance: The holiday isn’t complete without it. May God continue to inspire you and use you for His glory.

  3. Fabulous production! Genius!! My plan is to come back next year with more people. I really enjoyed the show and was truly blessed by it.

  4. Excellent show!

    The dance choreography was extraordinary in skill and cleverly depicted the different aspects of the bible as it relates to the birth of Christ.

    The actors were superb! There were so many wonderful spirit filled scenes!

    It is a understatement to only offer 4 shows. This production should be on Broadway prior to, during and after Christmas (at least until the new year)!!

    Most important was the call to salvation at the end of the show. TRUE EVANGELISM!!

    This is a must see for all ages!!


    Thoroughly pleased…and for the record, I am not easily pleased.

    1. Honorable to God and a blessing to His people. The gifts were demonstrated in a spirit of excellence. Thank you for the time, energy and love it took to bring forth such a production.
      I only wish the music score was available.

  5. Loved the choir
    Loved the travelettes
    I most appreciate that DMI remains true to the gospel story
    I will tell anyone who will listen that Alvin Ailey’s got nothing on y’all
    I pray that , one day soon, DMI gets the visibility it deserves
    Would love to see CeCe and Yolanda and Donnie perform live during a performance
    This is my prayer for you all

  6. It was an absolutely beautiful and wonderful production that had me riveted from beginning to end. I wish that there was a CD or DVD available for purchase afterward because the music was especially moving and beautiful and I wanted to take a bit of that home with me.

  7. Your Nativity production was better than awesome! It touched me spiritually in so many ways. I look forward to next year’s show!

  8. This was truly a production of excellence. As my first time seeing this I was not expecting the professionalism that was displayed. Sets,dance ,song and most of all,Spirit. God bless you all and I look forward to next year.

  9. What an awesome performance. You left nothing. The message was clear. Colors outstanding. Look out radio city, the Nativity give u a run for the money.

  10. It was a beautiful presentation. I have watched Briana Kimble dancing since she was a little girl and so happy to see that she is involved in several ways. We will return next year with more friends. A beautiful way to enter the Christmas season.

  11. I have been attending Nativity since DMI performed at Lehman College 2011. Each scene in the story line is always so breath takingly heart felt. You have to know God to accomplish such a talent as to recreate the birth of Christ and keep those of who don’t know God interested enough to at least GET IT. I thank you for these shows, they are awesome. God Bless!!

  12. Once again “Nativity Birth Of A King” was awesome. Special thanks to the Directors, Producers and the talented cast for helping to jumpstart the last week before Christmas. To God be the glory for the great things that he continues to do through this wonderful dance ministry.

  13. East time I see the Nativity I am surprised at the presentation. Each production has been exceptional. It was special to see the entire Evans family involved in this event. GOD is awesome. Keep up the good work. Thank you for telling this joyous story. We were blessed. To GOD be the glory. I look forward to your production next year and I plan to invite members from my church to join me. Keep up the good work.

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